Privacy Policy

1. We are Everycast Labs Ltd. You can contact us at [email protected].

2. You do not need to give us any personal data to use the service (e.g. you can use a generic company email address), but, if you do give us personal data, we will be processing whatever you give us.

3. We will process your data to deliver the service to you (which is in your and our legitimate interests), and, if you breach our terms, to consider our legal position and possibly take action (again, our legitimate interest). If you send us feedback, we'll process your personal data to communicate with you about it, even if just to thank you.

4. We will not share your personal data with anyone else, unless we are required to do so by law (seems unlikely), or to protect ourselves (e.g. if someone hacks us, or if we need to take action for breach of our terms).

5. Our account servers are hosted in the UK, and we do not transfer account information outside the UK.

6. We have media servers in the UK, the USA and Singapore. If you choose to use a non UK server (e.g. to keep your latency down), all your participants' media streams will be transmitted through that country, just as if you were using any other non-UK hosted conferencing service.

7. You can connect to our servers from wherever you are running the client-side components. Because of this, your participants' media streams will be transmitted to wherever your recording user is located — you are in control of this, not us.

8. We do not record / keep a copy of anything you transmit through the service. We will keep your account sign-up details until you delete your account.

9. You have the usual GDPR rights, including the right to complain to the ICO.