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NDI output

Isolated audio and video feeds of your remote participants.

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Unlimited media feeds

Broadcasting multiple camera angles, external mics and screenshares from each participant? No sweat! They are all available as separate feeds to your mixer.

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Blackmagic Decklink & AJA card output

Prefer an SDI cable over NDI? We've got you covered. We auto-detect Decklink and AJA cards, making it easy to route a stream to a particular output on your card.

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End-to-end tally

Built-in tally allows your participants to see which feeds are live and which are on preview from within the app.

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Safe and secure

We use built-in encryption so your video and audio is safe. All your content is owned by you.

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We use the latest technology to transport video and audio, so your viewers enjoy sub-second latency with all media feeds perfectly in sync.

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NDI Input

Show your remote talent any NDI feed in your AV network. We support NDI, NDI HX, NDI HX2 and NDI HX3 streams.

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Control who sees which streams, and what gets output with custom tags. Perfect for a ‘green room’ setup.

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Choose your video quality

Choose between a wide range of codecs (VP8, VP9, H264 and AV1) and resolutions (720p, 1080p or 4k) with no limit on available bandwidth.

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Industry-recognised ingress protocols

Supports WHIP and SRT inputs. Faster streaming than with other standards such as RTMP.

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Create up to 50 rooms with 20 participants each. Connect them to the same local network, or link them to different Bridges to run separate events in parallel.

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No hardware required

Software only so you can get started straight away.

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Short subscription model

No getting locked in to long-term contracts, sign up for a little as one month and cancel whenever you like.

How It Works

Three components, one awesome remote broadcasting tool.

Browser-based dashboard

Manage your Bridges and have your remote talent join from anywhere in the world with just a web URL 

Cloud media servers

Geographically close, secure and private hosting for your rooms     

Native app

Our desktop app acts as the direct link to your vision mixer and AV network, so you can produce professional broadcasts in real-time


Some words about using it at CommCon

Jesse G

AV person

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We used it at CommCon 2024 and it was so much smoother than using Teams or Zoom

Chris Ablett

Stage Engage

actual dan


Great value packages to that cater to all your broadcasting needs.


Perfect for solo streamers

£50/user monthly*

  • 7 Day free watermarked trial, 1 GB bandwidth use included1
  • Up to 25 seats
  • Up to 2 participants in each room
  • Up to 3 rooms
  • Up to 720p30 video resolution
  • VP8 and H264 video codecs
  • 50 GB/seat/month bandwidth use included1,2


Great for small to medium outfits

£100/user monthly*

  • 7 Day free watermarked trial, 1 GB bandwidth use included1
  • Up to 25 seats
  • Up to 10 participants in each room
  • Up to 20 rooms
  • Up to 1080p60 video resolution
  • VP8, VP9 and H264 video codecs
  • 100 GB/seat/month bandwidth use included 1,2
  • Apply your own branding to Broadcast Bridge
  • NDI input


All the bells and whistles

£150/user monthly*

  • 7 Day free watermarked trial, 1 GB bandwidth use included1
  • Up to 25 seats
  • Up to 20 participants in each room
  • Up to 50 rooms
  • Up to 4K60 video resolution
  • VP8, VP9, H264 and AV1 video codecs
  • 250 GB/seat/month bandwidth use included1,2
  • Apply your own branding to Broadcast Bridge
  • Embed Broadcast Bridge rooms into your own website
  • NDI input
  • Scalable Video Coding mode
    coming soon

1 Total bandwidth inclusive of inbound and outbound usage.

2 Excess bandwidth chargeable at £0.04 / GB (exc VAT).

*Prices excl. VAT